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A comeback is imminent! July 19, 2010

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I’ve been missing for almost 2 years, but I’ve just reinstalled the latest version of WordPress, downloaded Windows Live Writer (which is the best blogging tool I’ve ever used), and I’m about ready to start posting again.

I must apologise for my long absence, but I got fed up with the Internet due to the American election, and the incessant coverage of the Obama-McCain contest. In the end the best man won, and Obama has done wonders for America both in the USA and abroad; however, the continuing American bias of the Internet really got to me 2 years ago. This barrage of US-centric news was combined with the rise of other aggregators of interesting Internet links, such as Digg and Reddit, and with a new job in work which has kept me pretty busy ever since.

Digg and Reddit are still there, the job is still busy, but I keep finding the occasional link that I’d like to post, but I’d prefer not to share via Facebook (mainly due to the number of younger relatives in my friends). So, give me a short while and I’ll start churning out the stuff I’ve found interesting and worth sharing.


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