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Hi, and welcome to my website. It’s mainly a blog of all the interesting things I find on my travels around the Internet, but I’m hoping to start including some of the old content I used to have on my previous site. I’ve given up on my old design for a number of reasons:

  1. We are still stuck with Internet Explorer 5.5 in work, sad to say. And if you’ve ever tried to design a website that formats and displays correctly in IE5.5 AND any other browser then you’ll know what a challenge this can be;
  2. My old design used frames and javascript to load the correct content into the main frame. This wasn’t too hard to do but did mean that my site wouldn’t display at all on my mobile phone, which was annoying at times. It also meant that my site was not “Search Engine Friendly”, which wouldn’t have bothered me but my blog has picked up a bit of steam and I’m wondering whether a SEF site would help;
  3. I thought I’d like to move from Blogger to WordPress – just to see what I can do with it. Already I’m capable of adding non-blog pages, and already I can see that the pages are far more SEF than blogger pages contained within frames.

So I’ve taken the plunge and created this little entry into the world of WordPress blogs. I’m sort of happy with the layout at the moment: it’s quite simple, does what I need it to do and I’ve managed to mangle the “Ism” theme to get my colour scheme and a layout I’m happy with.

Gorgeous, aren't I?

This is me, hard at work, slaving over a hot keyboard. I’m sure I’ve got some better pictures somewhere, but for some reason I keep using this one. Keep checking and one day soon you may see a new picture.

I’m rather an Internet junkie, love computers and all things related, and also work in Technical Support – which can be challenging at times. I have a quite extensive Science Fiction library, whcih I will list here some time in the future, and a rather large music collection as well, which once again will get listed. I enjoy playing snooker and pool, and I have been known to be quite good at these sometimes (but not consistently, which is a shame).