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How to make and use explosives July 12, 2008

Posted by Al in : educational,interesting , trackback

I suppose you could condemn the author of this reference work for collating all this information on making and using explosives, but all the information is out there anyway and anyone could have done the same. I wouldn’t condemn him for I spent a good period of my teenage years playing with various explosive compounds with my friends, sodium chlorate being our favourite. We used to buy weed killer containing sodium chlorate and mix it with sugar to make something that burned really quickly rather than exploded – however, if you contained the gases it gave off then you could get a good bang.

One of our favourite tricks, and probably one of the more dangerous in retrospect, was to fill a jam jar with sodium chlorate and sugar. Then one of us, quite often me, would hold the lid open and ready to be screwed tight whilst someone else would drop a lit match into the jar. If the jar holder got it right then they could screw the lid of the jar tight and throw it before it exploded – get it wrong and it could get a little bit painful. We would sometimes etch the glass to give sharp shrapnel as well – quite dangerous thinking about it now. Still, none of us lost any limbs or eyes whilst performing these dangerous experiments, so all’s well that ends well.


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