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Cancer – the best way to die? July 12, 2008

Posted by Al in : medical , trackback

Who would have thought that cancer could possibly be the best way to die? I have read article before on death counselling, and I am aware that if you have enough time to come to terms with your impending death then it’s possible to accept it without fear and panic. So cancer, stretched over a long enough period to acclimatise yourself to it, could well be a better way than heart and/or lung failure or frailty and dementia. Having watched my father suffer from several heart attacks and go through a triple bypass I would prefer cancer than that, but the odds are not in my favour. If cancer is not an option then frailty and enough dementia that I’m not aware of how frail I am would be my next option.

Death is horrible, but inevitable. It’s time that we start getting used to it and dealing with it in a better way than we do now. Although this is an American oriented article it applies to us all, really.


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