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The US has removed its nuclear weapons from the UK June 26, 2008

Posted by Al in : interesting,politics , trackback

… and they didn’t bother telling anyone about it! I wonder if the ladies of Greenham Common are aware that the goal they spent so long campaigning for has finally been achieved.

When I was growing up then nuclear war was a real threat, and something I worried about terribly. Hearing a jet go overhead was scary, and as I grew up on the main London New York flight path then this could happen quite regularly. Even more worrying was when Concorde flew over as it would be going supersonic in my vicinity and so the boom would echo down to my bed. I can still remember watching “Threads” on TV and being worried sick, literally, for weeks after.

Now, nuclear war is something that we just don’t seem to worry about any more, and I’m not sure why. The same nuclear weapons are still out there, and probably still on instant response as well. What’s more worrying is that there are some states in the old USSR that have nuclear missiles, but don’t necessarily have the people required to operate and maintain them, or the computers required to give accurate control over them.


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