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A man, a woman, and back to a man – which is best? June 15, 2008

Posted by Al in : interesting,people,weird , trackback

It’s not often that anyone has been through 2 transexual operations, but Charles Kane has done just that: born a man, he became a woman after his marriage fell apart, but didn’t enjoy the female side of his life so had to endure more operations to become a man again. Unfortunately, things were removed during the first operation which could not be easily replaced, and so now he lives as genetically and physically a man, but physiologically he is neither man nor woman.

What is really interesting is his take on the differences between the two sexes, and his personal experience of being a woman. I would not have expected him to have failed to enjoy womanhood as much as he did – citing women as being totally appearance oriented and hooked on shopping and gossip as well. Whether this is an inditement of modern society, or a true reflection of the differences between the two sexes, is difficult to say. However, it is interesting to read the opinions of someone who is uniquely qualified to comment on both sides of the discussion.


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