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Zimbabwe – opposition’s leader’s wife burnt alive June 13, 2008

Posted by Al in : politics,scary , trackback

Forget Iran, there’s no point in invading or even patrolling it. Howefver, Zimbabwe needs the UN to go in and see something done about the Junta who are now in control. After Mugabe lost the first election the army, secret service and police chiefs have taken over, and they’re willing to kill, or abuse, anyone who might stand against them. This poor lady was married to a member of the opposition, so they chopped off her hands and feet, locked her in her own home and then set fire to that home.

There are times I wish I had superhuman powers, just so I could go and sort out people like this. I’d love to be able to save an innocent’s life and then go and make their persecutors’ lives hell – but this just isn’t possible. Instead we need the UN to try to effect some decency within countries like Zimbabwe, but this is unlikely as they don’t have any oil.


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