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The European invasion of America June 13, 2008

Posted by Al in : interesting,politics , trackback

Since the US dollar has fallen so far recently, it has made American companies and real estate very attractive to European businesses, and even individuals. If America didn’t have such restrictive border entry controls then I’m sure that it would be receiving a larger than usual number of European holidaymaker’s this year. Still, the slow acquisition of American companies is something that the US cannot legislate against, at least not without undermining the very basis of capitalism it has bee trying to sell around the world for years.

As more European companies move to take advantage of the weak dollar I wonder how long it will take before America becomes the call-centre capital of the world. India has had its time, but is now becoming more expensive, and good English speakers are often head-hunted from one contract to the next. If America is cheap enough then they have the advantage of speaking English as a first language (at least 75% of the US anyway), and the data and voice connections are already in place. Maybe the next time “Brad” asks you for your account password he will actually be Brad and not Ranjit. In the meantime I’ll let Europe enjoy its moment of glory and dominance, as recession is on its way here as well, so soon the companies that have just bought American stock might soon be swallowed up by Asian concerns.


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