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Bombs are getting smarter June 8, 2008

Posted by Al in : future,weapons , trackback

It would be wrong to call any battlefield weapon cool, when you consider what they would be used for, but if any weapon is cool then this tank-buster is. Launched from altitude the main bomb deploys smaller packages which use parachutes to slow their descent, giving them time to scope out the targets with their infrared sensors. Once they have identified vehicles as targets then smaller charges are dropped again, each specifically targeting a single vehicle’s engine. This would be effective against tanks, jeeps, trucks APC’s and most military transport. Isn’t it amazing what small, low power processors can do for us?

It’s good to know that the Russians are selling this technology throughout the world. Kind of renders most armoured battalions obsolete these weapons are anywhere near as effective in the real world as they are in simulations. Combine this type of “intelligent” bomb with long range missiles, UAV’s and stealth technology and it will soon be possible to reduce the military to bunker based techs, a stealth airforce and some grunts to do the house-by-house clear-up afterwards.


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