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The end of the banana is nigh June 5, 2008

Posted by Al in : educational,food,interesting,politics , trackback

The banana we love to eat: yellow, curved and with a soft gentle texture and taste, is on its last legs. Inbred as current banana tress are (in fact most are all the same tree which has been propagated around the world) they are very susceptible to disease, and Panama Disease, which they were previously resistant to, is now killing entire plantations throughout Africa. If it spreads to the Caribbean and Central America then we would be looking at the end of the banana as we know it.

It’s amazing the back story on the banana and its commercialisation. I never knew the term “banana republic” was coined for countries whose governments were overthrown by the banana producers in order to ensure their crops would be grown and protects, as would their profit margins. It’s also a little bit sad to think that bananas might soon be in short supply, or might even disappear altogether.


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