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China wants your Uranium – NOW! June 5, 2008

Posted by Al in : educational,interesting , trackback

China’s growth has been a phenomenon of the shift in manufacturing towards Asia. Virtually everything you can buy comes with a “Made in China” label somewhere. This massive change in China’s economy, and its associated lifestyle changes for the Chinese people, has meant that the demand for electricity has grown at a ridiculous rate. This was being met by an incredible amount of coal fired power plants, fed by China’s massive coal seams. However, that huge stock of coal has been used up almost entirely, and what’s left needs to be shipped greater distances, which is leaving large areas of the country at risk of power cuts due to the coal running out.

In order to survive the end of its coal supplies, and also in order to alleviate pollution from the burning of so many tons of coal, China is moving to nuclear power. This will be a good thing as nuclear power is probably the most environmentally friendly form of power available today – my only worry would be that construction work in China can sometimes be governed by cost-cutting and haste, rather than any concern for safety guidelines. The only worry for China is that it doesn’t have enough nuclear fuel to power these plants as they come online, so a team of buyers are now roaming the world looking to buy as much Uranium as possible – and they’re backed by one of the largest amounts of money on this planet. If you have Uranium – they’ll buy it.


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