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… and less people like these May 31, 2008

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I find it hard to feel any form of sympathy for the state of Israel and it’s very bigoted inhabitants. Yes: the holocaust was a bad thing – it is terrible when a nation turns upon a group of people, whether that group is based upon birthright or religious views, and then goes out of it’s way to destroy them totally; but at what point does it become right for such a group of people to start to do the same to other groups within and outside their borders? Persecution within your own borders is just that – persecution. Persecution outside your border is an act of war – and as such it is no surprise that a large number of Palestinians consider themselves at war with Israel, when Israel continues to try to expand it’s borders and continues to persecute innocent Palestinians living outside its borders.

This story appears to be typical of the way Israel wages a war of terrorism against Palestinians living in the Gaza strip. I firmly believe that the creation of the state of Israel after the Second World War was the worst mistake ever made in the 20th Century. Without such a decision being made, by people who had no relation or connection to the area, and who had very little understanding of the Middle East, then we would probably be living in far more peaceful times. Militant Islamic groups would have had far less fuel for their cause, Palestine would be a peaceful settled country, and the whole Middle East vs West thing could have been avoided. Unfortunately Israel was conjured out of thin air as a sop to the remaining European Jews, and things have not been the same since.

For a people who hold such a horrific event as the holocaust in their recent memory, I find it hard to understand how they could persecute the Palestinian people to such an extent. If I had been treated the way Jews were by the Nazis then I would ahve every sympathy for others who might be in the same situation, and would go out of my way to ensure that I did not do anything that would put another group of people into such an horrific situation. However, the Israeli people seem to be happy to oppress the Muslim people within their borders, and to harass, terrorise and bully those outside their borders.

I understand that the article I am quoting in this instance is written by Muslims, for a Muslim news site, and so may be biased. However, my take on the whole Israeli situation is that the people of Israel have been completely two-faced and have used their race’s persecution by the Nazis as an excuse to be able to carry out such persecution themselves in order to expand their state and to empower themselves. I would be quite happy for the Jewish state of Israel to be removed from the map and for the land to be returned to either a non-religious state that allowed Arabs, Christians and Jews to live freely, or for the land to be returned to the Palestinians who have lived there continuously for far longer than then Jewish people who have always had a tendency to roam. What’s even more ironic is that there has never, historically, been a clearly defined land of Israel – although various texts suggest a kingdom of Israel did exist for a brief time after the exodus from Egypt, various other states invaded and controlled the are for the last 2,500 years – and as such any claim to being an existing land/state fails. Claiming such a state historically would be like Italy claiming most of Europe (including southern Britain) due to the Roman occupation of this territory. Time moves on and situations change.

Anyway, back to the point: and that is that I am disgusted that Israel still has such support from Western countries when it is willing to commit atrocities such as this. Crossing a border to wantonly destroy the livelihood of a member of another state is not only tantamount to war, it is also against the Geneva convention and is something that the Western states were only to happy to support Kuwait on, and to invade Iraq as a result. There are double standards at play in the world today, and I, for one, would like to see Israel treated equally in the UN – then they would start to receive punishments and probation from the rest of the world. If the USA could stop subsidising them then maybe we could start to get some peace in the Middle East.


1. Al - June 5, 2008

Here’s a link to a very concise list of reasons why the USA blindly supports Israel.

2. Al - June 24, 2008

Thought I’d include this as well: