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The world needs more people like this May 30, 2008

Posted by Al in : interesting,people,politics , trackback

Here’s a nice, intelligent Muslim woman daring to question a Muslim cleric on his interpretation of the Koran and women’s place in this world. It’s hard to believe such bigotry still exists, until you look at somewhere like the USA, or China, or even here in the UK – then you realise that bigotry is still alive almost everywhere, and still seeks self-justification.

I would like to meet this lady and get to know her a bit better – and that’s not in any crude form, just socially. It would be fascinating to get an alternative perspective on life in some of the more hardline Muslim states. I still fervently believe that religion and politics should never mix, and that laws should be set and maintained outside of any religious system. Otherwise you will always bring persecution to those who have different religious beliefs to yours – which is wrong, in my opinion. I hope this lady has managed to secure a place in the media and has managed to avoid persecution – and I would like to see more people who are willing to think or themselves (whether religiously or not), rather than relying on someone else to decide how they should live their lives.


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