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Extreme bodybuilders – why?!? May 23, 2008

Posted by Al in : bizarre,fitness,people,weird , trackback

Why would you want to look like this? Really! Why? I can understand people who go to the gym to keep fit, and I can understand those who want to build some muscle as well. As long as you don’t take things too far then fitness and muscles are good, and can make you look good as well (although those who wander around in muscle vests every day are a little bit too vain for my liking).

These guys, on the other hand, have taken things way too far and moved into the realm of the completely absurd. I really can’t see the appeal of being unable to walk without it looking as though you are carrying rolls of invisible carpet; having veins sticking out from your arms and legs; having such well defined muscles that what used to be a thigh muscle now has 23 separate components; or of having a strange urge to drop your trousers to show off these multiple thigh muscles at all times. Each to their own, I suppose, but the whole idea of bodybuilding repels me – especially when take to such stupid extremes.


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