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The Hungry Man All-Day Breakfast – 231% of your daily cholesterol May 22, 2008

Posted by Al in : bizarre,food,scary , trackback

You could start the day with a healthy bowl of porridge, or some toast, or even a bacon roll. You could, but why would you want to eat such paltry fare when you could have the Swanson Hungry Man All-Day Breakfast? Who wouldn’t want a 1,030 calorie breakfast, with 98% of your daily fat allowance (of which 104% is of the bad saturated variety), 87% of your sodium allowance and 231% of your daily cholesterol allowance?

I’m sure there are dieticians having heart attacks after reading the label of this wonder of modern cuisine, in addition to those who keel over after eating such a monstrosity. You can read more here, and follow the link to a page with pictures of what this meal actually looks like. This article also links to a page detailing a milk shake with 2,310 calories – and it’s called a “health bar” shake!


1. Collins Williams - June 11, 2008

It’s actually a “Heath Bar Shake” like the candy bar… not quite as ironic, but still fun to point out. I am not even sure how they fit so many Calories into such a small space!