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China looks for farmland elsewhere May 13, 2008

Posted by Al in : food,interesting,politics , trackback

China, along with India and the Middle East, is currently unable to sustain its urban population with its own farmland, and so it is looking further afield for somewhere for its farmers to farm. Russia is a popular choice, along with a lot of the ex-USSR states, as their currency is still weak, they are still farming countries and being mainly self-sufficient can allow their land to be used by others, and they are close enough for cost-effective transport. I wonder how long it will be before Africa starts to become irrigated: as productive land becomes more scarce countries will need to start looking elsewhere, and countries with the kind of money that China and India can spend can afford to install viable irrigation systems. It’s a shame that most, if not all, of the produce of this irrigation will leave the country, and not go to feed the starving within. However, as workers will be required this is an option for improvement to the lives of these struggling nations.


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