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Container Datacenters May 9, 2008

Posted by Al in : computers,interesting , trackback

I wasn’t aware of the concept of container datacenters  until I came across this article on the interiors of them. Thinking about it, I can see the benefit of a self-contained unit: land is expensive, buildings are expensive, and building maintenance is expensive, and then you have to apply for planning. So I can see that the ability to park one of these in your carpark, connect electricity, water and network cables and immediately have an operating datacenter is a real selling point, as it bypasses all the above expenses – but I’m not sure how they sell the security of such a container. The fact that these are standard sized containers means that standard container moving equipment could move them. If you’re security fence was close to where your container was parked, then someone could park a crane outside your fence, lift your container onto the back of a waiting lorry and make off with all your data, without ever setting foot on your property.

Have a read of this article, there are some more links in some of the comments, there’s even a video link in one:


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