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Dynamode BR-6004 W-G1 routers and updating their firmware May 2, 2008

Posted by Al in : computers,Internet,networking,website , trackback

My super-duper Netgear router dies recently, which came as a surprise, but after reading about lots of other people having the same issue might be a common occurrence. So, whilst I was waiting for it to be collected under warranty, and a replacement shipped to me, I needed an alternative. I bought a Dynamode BR-6004 W-G1 router as they are cheap (around £30) and have some very good reviews, however some versions currently have an issue with their firmware.

The problem is that these are cable/DSL routers, designed to connect to a cable modem such as those supplied by Virginmedia, and cable networks use DHCP to assign IP addresses. This is fine, and is a standard that has been around for almost as long as there have been IP addresses, but there was a small bug in the DHCP client in Dynamode’s firmware which meant that it keeps rejecting the IP’s it is offered and requesting new ones. This seriously buggers up a DHCP, which would cause slowdowns on the network and a problem for other users of the DHCP as there are no IP’s available for them and the DHCP is running slowly.

Fortunately there is an easy solution: updating the firmware on the Dynamode BR-6004 W-G1 router will fix it for you and other Virginmedia customers. However, finding instructions online is nigh on impossible – which is why I have now created a site to provide the firmware and guide you through the process of upgrading your router’s firmware. Just pop along to http://alonline.eu and follow the instructions there.


1. Dave Lewis - May 12, 2008

I carried out the firmware upgrade as suggested but it has not cured my problem. Every day I have to reboot my PC to get the router to work, sometimes more than once, any further suggestions?

Incidentally I did contact the Dynamode Support via email originally but it is like communicating with a room full of monkeys!! So no joy there.

2. Al - May 12, 2008

Hi Dave, if you need to reboot the PC to get your connection to work, and rebooting the router doesn’t make a difference, then the issue is probably on your PC and not the router.
Do you know how to check if you are obtaining an IP address from the router? If so, are you able to release and renew the IP address when you lose the connection and does this help?
If you don’t know how to check then let me know which version of Windows you are using, and whether you are connecting via ethernet cable or wirelessly.

3. Dave Lewis - May 13, 2008

Hi Al, I know about using the Ping feature if that is what you mean and that comes up a blank.
I am not sure what you mean about releasing and renewing the IP address. It’s not that I lose the connection I just can’t make it everytime I boot up my PC.
I actually have two Dell XPS 210 PC’s connected to the router and they both have the same problem but not always at the same time.
I use WinXP and am connected via an ethernet cable.

4. Al - May 13, 2008

Next time you start your PC and it fails to connect to the Internet, try the following:

Start > Control Panel > Network Connections

Your Ethernet connection will show as a Local Area Connection – if you have more than 1 then unplug the Ethernet cable and see which shows “Network Cable Unplugged”

Once you know which Local Area Connection is connected to the router, right-click on it and choose Status then click on the Support tab at the top.

You should see an IP here, something like 192.168.1.x – this is the IP your router is giving to your PC. Underneath that is a button marked “Repair” – click this and see what happens.

If the connection is good then it should repair successfully in about 10-20 seconds (this releases and then renews your IP for you). In which case try your Internet again.

If it gives an error, or fails to renew after about 2 minutes then let me know what happens.

Also, if your Internet is still not working then try rebooting just the router and see if that makes a difference.

5. Dave Lewis - May 13, 2008

The problem is that when the router will not fire up I go to the page you mentioned and there is no IP or anything else listed. So clicking on the repair button does not work.
Incidentally the router fired up first time today!!
Next time I have the fault I will reboot the router and let you know the outcome.

6. Dave Lewis - May 15, 2008

The fault just happened again so I rebooted the router and that didn’t help. I then went to the network connections, clicked a couple of times and the router finally fired up!!
I don’t think there is a definative answer to my problem but thanks for trying.

7. bert - June 8, 2008

hi.is there a setup/users manual for the dynamode br-6004 w-g1 i have searched their website and cannot find one. thanks bert.

8. lisa - October 1, 2008

Hey wonder if u can help me , a friend gave me one of thses routers without instructions, ive found some online ones and sorted the IP address address and settings as told but when i put the IP address inot the IE bar i cannot connect to the log in screen that it says should be there any ideas?

9. louise - December 26, 2008

where can i get the drivers for my router from

10. Al - December 28, 2008

Try the link I posted in the article above. It’s http://alonline.eu.

11. Andrew Webster - September 26, 2010

i have the dynamode BR-6004 W-G1 ROUTER as I have logged in 3 time as there is nothing is showing on the internet browser ie8 as I am sure this is faulty to me as it’s was working ok as there is setting did show up last year as is now not now.

12. Andrew Webster - September 26, 2010

i have the dynamode BR-6004 W-G1 ROUTER as I have logged in 3 time as there is nothing is showing on the internet browser ie8 as I am sure this is faulty to me as it’s was working ok as there is setting did show up last year as is now not now. if this is due to be a fault in my router for the reason for the setting not showing after logging in to the router????

13. Dinis marques - October 30, 2010

My problem is that every time i try to go to the router IP address “” it just says the page does not exist and there is no way to get to the website.
Any help would be appreciated ..