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Weird Bible tales and the real 10 commandments February 4, 2008

Posted by Al in : educational,interesting , trackback

The Bible is not the most exciting read – I know, as I did read it when I was a teenager. Admittedly there are sections I skimmed, and I have to say that the Old Testament is a lot more interesting then the New Testament, as it’s far more fun to read about whole races being massacred, tortured or even made to abuse each other. There are a whole load of stories like that: so many, in fact, that I’m still surprised that parents allow their children to be taught these stories in Sunday school. But there are some stories that get glossed over by most Christians, because they don’t really fit the image that they would like to portray of their religion. Try reading some of these stories and see what I mean, and while you’re at it you might like to discover that the real 10 commandments differ quite a lot from what you thought they were.


1. Arthur - February 9, 2008

I find Bible stories told with the help of Lego make them a more interesting read.