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Veyron smashed by younger brother December 10, 2007

Posted by Al in : motoring , trackback

Ouch! That’s got to hurt! The owner of a brand new Bugatti Veyron let his younger brother take it out for a spin – which he did literally. He managed to crash at 100mph on a 40mph section of road, write off the Veyron and a van driven by a pregnant women (who was fortunately OK), and end up stuck in some trees. Now that’s got to hurt for the guy who crashed the Veyron, but can you imagine how the owning brother must feel when £830,000 of car, which was only delivered last week, is totally wrecked?

Insurance assessors have not yet decided whether the car will be a write off – but even if it’s not it will cost a lot of money to repair. Now imagine that the younger brother only had 3rd party insurance, because he was driving a car he was not directly insured on…that could end up costing one of the brothers the entire cost of rebuilding the car. Now, given that Volkswagen are apparently losing £3.5million on every car they sell, the rebuild costs are going to be very, very expensive. Also, since they are only building a limited number of Veyrons there’s not likely to be that many spare parts knocking around.

If I was the younger brother I would be thinking about leaving the country right now. As he’s likely to be facing some serious charges for dangerous driving (100mph in a 40mph area), likely to lose his license, likely to be jeered by anyone who knows what an idiot he has been, likely to be lynched by any serious car enthusiasts and will definitely not be popular with the rest of his family. Maybe he can go canoeing and just disappear.


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