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Why global warming may be just one of those things December 3, 2007

Posted by Al in : interesting,science , trackback

Everybody keeps on about global warming at the moment: as if it is something new and the entire planet is about to collapse. What if this global warming was just part of the usual sequence of temperature fluctuations that have occurred over the last several thousand years? What if global warming was not caused by humanity’s excesses, but instead caused by an increase in solar irradiation, and a lack of volcanic activity? We’re currently approaching the maximum amount of solar activity and the sun should soon begin to calm down, and we’re also expecting some major volcanic activity from places such as Yellowstone – maybe we’ll all be crying out for global warming in 10 years time when we head into the next mini ice-age.



1. Phil - December 8, 2007

The greenhouse effect, climate change and global warming are all phrases that have received more press than Big Brother (well may be not quite as much). I really do admire how politicians are fast becoming committed to “saving“ the planet (or jumping on the band wagon).
Poor old planet earth will simply not survive without their help and us mere tax-paying earthlings will be doomed to extinction (at least we’ll be able to die-off with the heart-warming feeling that everything was done to save the orangutans, tigers and other furry things).
I don’t want to be critical (although I do enjoy it) but when I heard the 2012 Olympic games will be the “greenest games ever” a strangely obvious thought hit me – In these times of pending disaster for the whole of mankind, planet earth and most importantly furry animalkind wouldn’t it be more sensible to call the games off?
Greentaxes – designed to save the plant? This one really amazes me. The way Mr & Mrs Below-Average-Earnings seem to obediently be accepting the concept that we pay more to continue to destroy the planet. The richer you are the more you can pollute and contribute to global disaster. Surely, in the name of equality shouldn’t everyone be allowed to play their part in finishing off old planet earth?
Ok, I may appear cynical but I’m not against looking after our planet. However it dose seem like any natural disaster, great or small, these days is down to climate change and we are to blame (pardon me for being born!). This despite the plant’s known history of temperature change. But even I wouldn’t say that global warming is not happening – as it did after the last ice age and the one before that and the one before that. Still, the claim that it is happening now because of the way you and I live I find hard to believe. Even more unbelievable is the suggestion that we can put an end to global warming by recycling old newspapers, walking to Tescos and paying more taxes is the biggest rip-off since the national lottery tax (sorry, I meant lottery ticket).
Where has all the common sense gone? I guess it must have leaked out through that gaping hole in the ozone!