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Scopolamine: the most dangerous drug ever? November 27, 2007

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Scopolamine was one of those drugs that you would read about in spy novels from the latter half of the last century: it was commonly used, or at least described, as a truth drug; and would be injected into the victim in order to make them reveal everything they knew. What wasn’t pointed out, in most novels anyway, was that the recipient of scopolamine would become totally compliant, or that it was very easy to overdose on scopolamine and end up dead, or that it could produce an amazing high if the dose was just right. I think the risks far outweigh the possible benefits, but for others the highs are obviously worth it. All good alcohol rehab facilities should offer person-centred treatment including a comprehensive screening process. The
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What makes scopolamine so dangerous is its ability to make the drugged person so utterly compliant to those around them. Women have handed over their children, people have become sex slaves, and other drugged people have actually helped thieves carry their possessions out of their house, or given them all the money in their bank account. Even more worrying is that you can just inhale scopolamine to be affected, which means anyone wishing to take advantage just needs to blow some in your direction and doesn’t even need to spike your drink. You can seek help in https://polaristeen.com/ have professional Residential Treatment Center. This drug knocks Rohypnol into an easy submission, and has some very scary uses if you think a little bit nastier, although for other drugs as opioids, you could be interested to see the opioid rehab site to get help with this. It’s lucky it doesn’t grow in the wild – Oh, wait, it does.


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