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Assassins creed delaying posting November 21, 2007

Posted by Al in : Announcements , trackback

Once again I have to apologise for no postings, and for my site being a mess due to a fault with an embedded video. Sorry, but I’ve been playing Assassin’s Creed since Friday and it’s amazingly addictive as well as truly awesome. I think it will slow my blogging down quite a lot, so once again – Sorry!


1. Bishop - November 21, 2007

Know what your saying. Took ownership of mine on Thursday and have not left the couch since.

Pre-Ordered it from Ubisoft direct and had a collectors edition, which include artwork books, an interactive PC DVD Rom (No idea what is on that yet, as been far to busy playing the game) Metal box, and something else, which I fained interest in for about 10 seconds whilst unwrapping the main game.

Got mine for my 360 instead of my PS3 ( No real reason)

2. Bishop - November 23, 2007

Sorry had to add this.


Now I know why I went with the Xbox version.

Finer detail, better tone and colour and more fluid fight sequences. 01:45 in the comparison sums it all up.

Now before anyone starts Xbox Fanboy baiting, I own both consoles, so impartial in the PS3 – Xbox 360 war.

So far I am a little disappointed with the PS3 as a console but still justify it being a Bluray player.

3. koniTect - September 18, 2010

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