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Retire early, sell everything, live on the interest November 12, 2007

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Here’s something that I would almost consider doing. I have recently come to realise that there’s a vast world out there, waiting to be visited, and I’m unable to do so because I have to spend 50+ hours a week working – just to keep myself living at a standard of living that I find acceptable. If I dropped this standard slightly, and moved to a country where the cost of living was nowhere near as expensive as the UK, then I could probably live a comfortable life on very little. Although I haven’t got a great deal of assets personally, I think I could probably raise enough to earn a few thousand pounds a year in interest. This could well be enough to keep me housed and fed in a number of countries around the world, and who knows –  maybe living away from the UK would be a pleasant experience.

I have a friend, who I have not heard from in some time now, who moved to Spain to live. He moved to a region of Spain that was away from the coast, and away from tourists. He moved there with his new wife, and his son was born in Spain, and last I heard they were living a simple, but amazingly happy life there. The cost of living was negligible, compared to the UK or major cities: accommodation was cheap, local produce was readily available for very little. The people were friendly, the food was good, the wine was even better and the pace of life was very much relaxed. Last I heard Gareth was very happy, and he had no intention of returning to the UK in the near future. I envy him, although I’m not sure I could give up my Internet and gadgets as easily as he did.


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