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Man paints himself into corner, nearly dies November 12, 2007

Posted by Al in : bizarre , trackback

Here’s another worrying story about human stupidity. If this guy had died then he would surely be a strong contender for the Darwin awards. An 80 year old man managed to paint himself into a corner, and was rescued 24 hours later by the fire department, who used a hoist to lift him over the still drying paint. The elderly man came up with this classic quote:

I thought I was done for. My heart medication was in the other room, not even fifteen feet away, but I couldn’t get to it because of the paint.

Now pardon me for being stupid, but the only thing keeping this guy in the corner was wet paint, which he could have walked over at any time. Yet he went 24 hours without his medication, just to avoid stepping on his painted floorboards. Even more shockingly the fire department wasted their time, and the taxpayers’ money, to “save” this man, when he could have just shrugged his shoulders and walked out of the room! Some people really need to get their priorities straight.


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