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They speak English in London? October 29, 2007

Posted by Al in : bizarre,people , trackback

Moving on from some Americans who did something amazing, and helped form the way the world is today, we get to a fine example of all that is wrong with American education today. Channing Chowder (I need to find out where Americans pick their kids’ names from) definitely went to college, but still managed to be shocked the the inhabitants of London spoke English. Me? I thought the name of the language kind of gave away where it came from, and I’d have thought the most people would have known that London was in England, even if only from watching Friends or The Simpsons.

It’s got to be time a society looked at it’s education system when people can pass college based solely on their physical skills. I’m certain that Mr Chowder must have sat some form of exams, but whether he was actually graded on them, or whether they counted towards his graduation in any way must be in doubt. Even worse, in my opinion, is the incredibly US-centric bias that America has; with so little attention being paid to the rest of the world during any of it’s education, or it’s everyday life, that many Americans don’t know that London is in England, which is part of the United Kingdom, which is part of Europe. Indeed, many Americans cannot even find Australia on a map of the world.


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