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Fab@home – a 3D printer kit for ~£1,000 October 14, 2007

Posted by Al in : clever,design,future , trackback

3D printers were once an amazing and astounding invention: I remember seeing them on Tomorrow’s World (I wish they’d bring that series back), and being blown away with the clever simplicity of the idea. They have since been renamed as Rapid Prototyping Machines, and are invaluable in large manufacturing businesses. However, I never thought that they would become cheap enough to be a viable home product, but since this kit sells for $2,400 now, I would imagine that if there was sufficient demand to make it mass produced, then it would probably reach the sub $500 mark – at which point you could just download the blueprints for any piece of hardware you need, and just print it out when required. Sounds good to me.


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