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How does it feel to die? October 13, 2007

Posted by Al in : medical,scary , trackback

Rather a morbid piece of journalism, and without that many descriptions of the experience of death, but strangely compelling. I’ll most likely die of a heart attack, as will most of you reading this, but there are many more ways to die covered in this article. One good thing is that unconsciousness occurs in just 10 seconds, although the brain itself can go on processing information for a lot longer. I’ve heard that hearing is the last sense to stop working, which probably means you’ll spend the last moments of your existence listening to people crying, or medical staff callously pronouncing your time of death.

One method of death which is not covered is suicide by drinking bleach, or drain unblockers. I read an article a while back about someone who killed themselves by drinking a bottle of Draino, and I cannot begin to imagine how painful this must be. You must really hate yourself to even think of such a way out. If I ever get the chance I’d either go for an overdose of morphine, of a motorcycle helmet filled with high explosives – the morphine would hopefully numb you to the point where you don’t notice consciousness slipping away, and the explosive helmet tactic would mean you’d only experience it for a fraction of a second.


1. Shawn Dimery - November 21, 2008

A helmet full of explosives sounds ace! Ill bear that in mind for when im on my last legs!