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Hijacking 9/11 for US military might October 13, 2007

Posted by Al in : conspiracy,interesting,scary , trackback

A very interesting video documentary on how the far right in the American government used the attacks on 9/11 to push through policies that would never had been considered otherwise. This would lend support to these same people being actually involved in the attacks, but whether or not this is the case it cannot be denied that the attacks allowed some very militant policies to be put forward, and then acted upon.

Quite how Iraq became linked with the Al Qaeda attacks (if, indeed, they were Al Qaeda attacks) is almost unbelievable. Basically, there were plans already drawn up for attacking Iraq, as Iraq was the most powerful country in the Middle East, with large oil supplies, and was decidedly anti-American after the US had recently withdrawn their support for Saddam Hussein. It didn’t take much propaganda to make the American public support an attack against Iraq, even if most people now realise this was a bad idea. When your president stands up and says you either support us or you are siding with the terrorists, then what else would a patriotic citizen do?


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