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Reasons not to do drugs October 10, 2007

Posted by Al in : educational,people,photography , trackback

You don’t have to read Russian to follow this story – just look at the pictures. There are many reasons not to do drugs, such as Heroin, and this guy’s life clearly shows you why you should not do drugs. From cannabis to heroin, mushrooms to LSD, or whiz to coke – drugs really don’t do you any favours, and are likely to cause you problems. Just sit back, take stock of your life, and realise that just being alive is enough. Don’t end up like this guy.


1. Genesis - March 26, 2008

you should not do drugs because when you do drugs you just don’t hurt yourself you friends and family and you kill other peolpe by second hand smoke

2. Genesis - March 26, 2008

when you kill yourself you can’t blame anyone else