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From NAND to Tetris in 12 steps October 7, 2007

Posted by Al in : computers,educational , trackback

This is a fantastically interesting take on computer science, presented by Google but created by an Israeli professor. I’d love to take a course like this, where you start by learning logic gates, and quickly progress to creating a fully functioning computer capable of carrying out quite complex programs. The presenter is quite correct when he says that nowadays CS graduates are stuck in niches and do not appreciate the full picture of how a computer is built, how it works and what lies behind/below their speciality. Without understanding logic gates, kernel operations, interrupts, buffers and registers it is impossible to realise what is required to get your code to actually work correctly. Whilst such understanding may not always be necessary, it should almost always help in designing better and more efficient programs. If you have an hour to spare, and would like to learn how to learn about computer science, then have a look at this video,


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