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Atheists on the rise October 7, 2007

Posted by Al in : people , trackback

Sometimes it’s nice to know that you’re not the only person who thinks the way you do, and who believes the tings you believe. This is especially true when it appears that all around you think, and believe, different things to you. This is why there is now a sudden growth in atheist/humanist groups, and these groups are starting to become vocal and flex their muscles – which is great news.

Unsurprisingly, these groups are more popular in countries where religious groups hold a lot of sway – such as America and the Middle East. I’m not aware of any large scale atheist groups in the UK – but if someone would like to point some out to me then I might consider joining. I’d like to give my support to the people in other, more fervently religious countries, who are willing to stand up and say that there is another point of view, and that religious beliefs should not be enforced on anyone.

I would like to see the removal of chapels from public buildings, and the removal of religious assemblies in schools. I’m not too fussed about celebrating Christmas and Easter (although I’d still like some bank holidays during the year), and whilst I am quite happy for anybody to practice whatever religion they choose, I would not like to see political power used to support, or to deny, any form of religious worship. Each to their own, but don’t try to force your opinions and views on anybody else, please.


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