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Anything but iPod September 16, 2007

Posted by Al in : gadget,music,website , trackback

I like the name, and the aim of this site. Anythingbutipod aims to provide reviews and guidance on music players which are not iPods – which is great for me as I hate it when one product starts to monopolise the market, as the iPod has done over the last 4-5 years. I would, personally, buy and listen to anything but an iPod, solely because of the amount of hype they have received during their life. As it is, I use my phone as an MP3 and video player, as well as camera, games console and GPS – but for those of you who are willing to look for something other than an iPod, here’s the site for you.


1. Bishop - September 17, 2007

I was under the same impression Al, but until you have owned an Ipod, you will never realise that everything else out there is not a scratch on them.
I went initially for a Sony Pebble type thing, 30 gig and looked sexy, but the software packaged with it sucked.
The iPod works so well because of Itunes, it is simple.
I am also a little biased as I have just ordered my iPod touch, because I would buy an iPhone, becuase at the ebnd of the day it rocks, but dont want to be sucked into a stupid contract, and also I have one of the best phones out there (Same as yours Al 🙂 ) so now I am getting everything the iPhone offers without the hassle of the phone, but the added bonus of the wi-fi.