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The top 20 most bizarre experiments ever August 30, 2007

Posted by Al in : bizarre,weird , trackback

There are some very weird experiments in this list, and some of them really do count as bizarre as well. I’ve always liked the Millgram experiment, where members of the public were quite happy to kill people because they were told to do so; and I’ve also always liked the idea of keeping a head alive without it’s body (although I’m not sure if I would like to continue my existence that way if ever the opportunity presented itself to me – if someone could hold books for me to read then this might be OK). Anyway, have a look for yourself at the 20 most bizarre experiments of all time.


1. Arthur - September 19, 2007

I don’t think Elephants were a wise choice of animal to use, although I imagine they maybe interesting company to take lsd with.
I would be interested in viewing the effects of LSD on Great White Sharks,Kangaroos, Flies and Newsreaders.