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Facebook to sell your identity to advertisers August 26, 2007

Posted by Al in : Internet,website , trackback

Whilst I quite like the idea of Facebook, I have recently become fed up of continually receiving emails telling me that someone else I may, or may not know, has added me as a friend, or tried to bite me, or poke me, or has written on my wall. I know I can turn these emails off, but then I might never visit Facebook, and so might miss out on the occasional piece of interesting news that might come my way. I’m currently thinking about quitting Facebook, just to get out of the inane chats, comments and applications it involves – and now I might have found a good reason to do so.

Facebook have just come up with a new advertising model that involves them providing almost all the data you have given them to their advertisers: where you were born and went to school is not that important, but where you now live, what your interests are and what you have planned for the next couple of weeks is. I’m not too happy with this information being passed on to third parties, and so I’m thinking that leaving Facebook might well be the best course to take. Google, and many other web companies already track my browsing, but they don’t know details of my private life. Facebook, and other social applications, are designed to investigate your private life and then disseminate that to your friends and contacts, and soon to third party advertisers. It’s time to make a choice about whether you value privacy above social networking.


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