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The battle between Islam and Science August 14, 2007

Posted by Al in : educational,interesting,science , trackback

Sorry to continue a religious rant theme today, but here’s another interesting article on religion and science, which explains why the Muslim world view tends to prevent scientific endeavour. The only issue I have with the majority of Muslim faiths, is that they tend to insist that their religious tenets are applied to all aspects of life, including law, government, finance and science. It’s my personal opinion that none of these things should be influenced by religion, as then you start to discriminate against anyone who holds even a slightly different religious point of view. If you look at the ongoing troubles in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Indonesia and Pakistan, then you can see where small differences of opinion have lead to large scale conflicts and massive loss of life.

If I had my way, then religion would be a matter of personal choice for everybody, and would be completely separated from any other aspect of public and social life. This would allow fairer, and more rational decisions to be made on a local and national level, and also allow for Muslim economies to grow and for their scientific and technological research to achieve their potential. If Muslim law continues to interfere in such matters, then I can see a gradual brain drain from Muslim countries, and possibly a flow of money towards areas where interest can be charged and gambling is permitted.


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