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10 weird religious practices August 14, 2007

Posted by Al in : interesting,people , trackback

Bet you can’t guess what this list contains, as I had only heard of half the weirdness that goes on in the name of God. Mormons are strange, but I’d prefer them to Scientologists or Jehovah’s Witnesses., and then I’m not sure about Orthodox Jews or Catholics either. Baptists I’m okay with, as well as Buddhists, Taoists and Confucians, but the Hindu pantheon is a bit much for me to take in, and the insistence of combining Muslim religion with law is far too dictatorial for my liking.

I’ll admit that not believing in any God, or an afterlife, probably seems just as strange to those with a strong religious belief. However, I really don’t attempt to force my views on anyone (I just make them known), as one great thing about Atheism is that you don’t have to care what anyone else believes, because when you or they are dead, it’s really not going to make any difference. Live your life, and enjoy it, because it’s all you’re going to get.


1. Arthur - August 17, 2007

I have converted to Legonism. I have been seduced by the idea that we are all made of lego and that these fleshy, smelly vessels that we call bodies are just a hideous illusion which give an insight into the suffering of lesser beings (like slugs for example).
If everyone follows the logic and order that Legovah teaches all sufferng will cease and we will return to our rightful, interlocking forms and be able able to control this planet accordingly.