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The Blitz and class difference August 13, 2007

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Whenever the Blitz is mentioned there is an image created of everyone huddling together in tube stations, waiting for this wave of attacks to finish. Instead, it turns out, many people weren’t even allowed into the tube stations, and ended up dead in public shelters that were little more than shallow trenches. Outside of London things were very different, with few public shelters, and most people fending for themselves: my Mother sheltered under the stairs in her house, and she remembers coming out after one attack to find a large bomb sitting in her back garden – under the apple tree, and quite unexploded.

So, after seeing the Blitz being dealt with on a biased level in the UK, this interesting article moves on to why we bombed urban areas instead of industrial ones, and why Japan got bombed twice. I’m pretty certain that there is some form of conspiracy going on at very high level, which would explain why sources of industrial wealth were left untouched – what someone would need to do is to work out who gained the most after the bombing of Germany was completed. I’m also quite happy that the second nuclear bomb droped on Japan was both a test, and a way of making sure that Russia didn’t get control of the Orient. Have a read, do some research, and draw your own conclusions.


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