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Japan’s military finally emerging July 26, 2007

Posted by Al in : politics , trackback

It’s been over 60 years since the Second World War, and only now is Japan finally starting to admit to having a military. For the last 60 years they have kept their heads down, and voluntarily kept their military forces crippled to avoid upsetting their neighbours. This is because Japan, rather unfortunately, became famous during the Second World War for being vicious, cruel and vindictive in their dealings with opponents and prisoners of war. The dust still hasn’t settled between China and Japan, and South Korea are not on the best of terms with them either – which is strange considering they both share a penchant for technology.

This month, however, Japan have finally cut loose and allowed their Air Force and Navy to finally start flexing their might in practice drills with the US. This has not gone down too well with Japan’s neighbours as they still have a deep distrust of Japan. But the USA have been happy, as they have been partnering with Japan in these exercises and also in the development of planes and weapons. For Japan to be flexing their military muscle is surprising, as their embarrassment still runs deep – but it may have implications which reach deeper, as Japan, and their military partners America, already have greater capability than Japan’s neighbours; and as they expand their military forces, so China and Korea are going to start getting upset.


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