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Reasons not to buy any Rupert Murdoch products July 2, 2007

Posted by Al in : conspiracy,interesting,video , trackback

Reasons to steer clear of Sky, the Times and the Sun newspapers in the UK, and Fox et al in the USA. Murdoch is clearly able to manipulate his media the way he wants to, and is certainly not afraid to try to intimidate any other media that dares to disagree with him.


1. profnasty - October 9, 2007

War Without End, brought to you by ‘The Angel of Darkness’….Rupert Murdoch. Don’t miss the coming sequels to Iraqwar; Iranwar, and Syriawar. Coming to a draftboard near you. And remember, Orwell hit the nail on the head: 1984 and our present world government described to a ‘T’…Animal Farm. Have a nice day!