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Google becoming a telecomms company? July 2, 2007

Posted by Al in : future,Internet , trackback

Ever since Google stunned the world with it’s immense capitalisation, and then promptly went on a massive spending spree, rumours have been rife about where it would all end. It’s been known for a while that Google has been buying “dark fibre” and hasn’t yet announced any use for this huge data carrying capacity it now owns. Then there are the Google apps for mobile phones that work so well (I have GPS on my phone and if I have a data connection then Google Maps is amazing as you can get the satellite view that is just not available with ordinary SatNav systems).

These two pieces of the puzzle alone would suggest a move into the telecommunication business, however I believe they will head into providing their own backbone in the US, and probably Europe and the more industrialised sections of Asia. Once they have done so then they can provide telephony, as well as ISP, services to everyone within their cachement area, and also provide a method of serving the huge amounts of data their apps require without incurring charges from the current data carriers. Once they are an established data carrier, they will probably start to charge ISP’s to use their network, when this provides better routing and capacity, and so will begin the acquisition of ISP’s and telecom firms into the Google family. I doubt whether Google would ever become a monopoly, controlling both voice calls and data access, howeve they will probably become a strong player in this field, and would probably be able to offer the customer more than any existing provider. It’s time for existing telecom companies to start feeling afraid, very afraid!


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