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The duck armada approaches June 28, 2007

Posted by Al in : bizarre , trackback

The fact that a rogue armada of rubber duck bath toys is currently circulating the world’s oceans is common knowledge. Many years ago a ship carrying 30,000 of the toys was sunk, and spilled it’s buoyant cargo into the Pacific Ocean. Since then these poor ducks have endured far harder times than they would have, had they just made it to their destination, as I can’t imagine that even the most violent of toddlers in a nice warm bath would be any challenge for the vast emptiness of the Pacific Ocean, then being frozen in Arctic ice, and then wending slowly across the North Atlantic.

Well, now these cheery plastic playthings are due to wash up on the shores of the UK and Ireland in the next couple of weeks. Although no longer yellow, these long distance ducks are becoming collectable, so it may be worth keeping your eyes peeled if you’re heading down to the beach this year.


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