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Germany bans Cruise for Scientology June 27, 2007

Posted by Al in : people,politics , trackback

Finally, a country with sense! Germany has banned Tom Cruise’s latest film, which is all about the plot to assassinate Hitler, from filming in Germany. The only reason is Tom’s espousal of Scientology, which Germany has accurately described as masquerading as a religion to make money. They also closely monitor any Scientology activities, as they believe they are against the democratic nature of the country, and best of all – they have made Scientology a commercial operation without the tax breaks of a recognised religion.

What we now need is more countries to follow suit, possibly making all religions commercial enterprises with no tax breaks. This would place a Darwinian selection process on religions (which would be very ironic), where only the major religions would survive, would bring a lot of taxes into the countries government, and would stop the TV evangelists in their tracks.


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