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Is it time to move into space? June 26, 2007

Posted by Al in : future,space , trackback

My personal opinion is “Yes!”, with a definite positive emphasis. Recent developments with America positioning nuclear weapons around Russia have hinted at the possibility of a nuclear war in Europe; diseases thought eradicated are making a comeback, along with some lovely new diseases such as Ebola; overpopulation is increasing at an alarming rate, which will lead to a lack of food, and then to malnutrition and possible violence; pollution is becoming a worldwide issue; we are gradually running out of resources. All these symptoms suggest that getting off Earth, and having some form of backup for the human race, might well be a very good idea – and the sooner the better. I’m all for moving off-planet, and would be one of the first to volunteer for such an experience. Let me know what your opinion is.


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