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Finally American justice sees sense June 26, 2007

Posted by Al in : people,politics , trackback

For a long time American justice has been ridiculed around the world. The Stella Awards were introduced after stupid consumers were awarded ridiculous damages against large corporations, often just for being stupid. It reached a stage where businesses in the US were scared of customers bringing lawsuits that would have been considered pointless in other countries. Finally, a judge in the USA has started to see sense and has thrown out a case brought by another judge against a dry cleaning business. The plaintiff was seeking $54 Million for the loss of his pants (that’s “trousers” to the rest of the world).

Amazingly, the judge in this case, Judge Judith Bartnoff, decided that not only were the pants not worth $54 Million, but that the plaintiff, the rather greedy Roy Pearson, should forfeit any form of compensation and should be liable for the costs as well. This is a triumph for sense over stupidity, and a chance for America to finally start to right itself again. I hail Judith Bartnoff as a potential saviour of the USA, and I hop that a lot more judges start to see things her way.


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