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Why Putin and Russia are concerned about the US June 21, 2007

Posted by Al in : educational,interesting,politics , trackback

There has been a recent furore about the attempts of the US to position nuclear missile bases within ex-Soviet Bloc countries. Most of us in the West see the American point of view when we read these stories, and although we may have some empathy for the fear such moves may raise in Russia, we don’t really have much sympathy. However, Vladimir Putin, Russia’s very successful President, has recently spoken out in a press conference on why Russia could not stand idly by whilst those bases were put into place. In a speech that was almost completely ignored by Western media, Putin has explained his point of view, and when you read this article, and look into things a little bit more, then you start to realise where the balance or power, and the balance of right, actually lies.

Me? I’m now starting to get as scared as I was as a teenager in the ’80’s. The threat of nuclear war has suddenly raised it’s ugly head, as the Americans believe that if they have these new bases in place they would statistically win a nuclear war. And if the Americans think they can win a war they don’t usually back down from such a conflict, even if the result might involve years of suffering for all involved. If you’re too young to have ever been seriously scared of nuclear war, I would suggest you look for the film “Threads” on the Internet and watch it. The actors will be dated, as will the special effects, however the sense of devastation caused by a nuclear war should be all too apparent.


1. David Pearce - June 23, 2007

I think something should be cleared up here. America is not placing NUCLEAR weapons here. They are placing interceptor missiles to engage potential nuclear threats againts rouge nations. However, I think this explaination is a load of bull of the first degree and agree that america, with its right wing neo imperialistic view of the the world is again overstepping its mark. Let me make things quite clear, if america doesn’t stop policing the world then the western world in general is in deep doo doo. How many muslims are there in this world. George Bush ( a F*cking idiot by any standards) is pushing us to ww3 at a rate of knots by turning this so called war on terror into a war on civilisations. We wont have to worry about the russians but the enemy within. Don’t get me wrong, I am not personaly predjudice against any society or religion but I am just saying it as i see it.
I think we should all start seeing what we have in common instead of what seperates us and maybe we will all get on a lot better………. Speaking as a mac user on this site you will know what i mean. LOL