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Safari aiming to take over as THE alternative June 16, 2007

Posted by Al in : computers,Internet , trackback

Here’s a nice piece, from the COO (Chief Operating Officer apparently) of Mozilla. After Steve Jobs’ keynote speech earlier this week, the author has picked up on the fact that the two graphs shown show exactly the same slice for Internet Explorer, but the second graph shows Safari taking over the rest of the market share. Such a state would be a sad return to the time when Netscape and IE ruled the world, and could possibly lead to sites being designed specifically for one or the other.

Me? I think I’ll skip Safari, as I’ve used it on a Mac and Firefox is much better, and easier to use. On our iMac in work Safari completely fails to fill the screen, doesn’t always render correctly, and seem unresponsive. Whereas Firefox, on the iMac or on a PC, works much better. At home I use Flock, which is based on the Firefox core, as it offers some nice features on top of the existing Firefox standards, and will also accept Firefox plugins to add functionality. If you’re unhappy with your browser I would advise you try Flock initially, then Opera, then Maxthon.


1. Evan Hamilton - June 19, 2007

Thanks for the Flock love! Keep your eye out for Flock 0.9 in about 5 weeks…would love to read your feedback on it. 🙂

2. David Pearce - June 23, 2007

Flock is very nice. I also like the latest version of netscape. I think that users being a little more savy than they were say in 2000 will know that there are more than just a couple of browsers around. Opera is a very good browser but if you are looking for an enclosed environment that houses email etc along with your prefered browsing engine then choose netscape. Its great if you are looking for a total webmail, browsing package. Personnaly, I use safari 3 as i find this browser great for my needs. Don’t get me wrong, I am not the stereo typical Mac nerd that is refered to on this site being smug in the knowledge that the next web site isn’t going to infect my machine with god knows what, (I do use PC’s and have small business server controlling my domain) but I do find safari with css more that adequate for my needs.