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Ultimate media server? June 15, 2007

Posted by Al in : computers,home,networking , trackback

This has to be close to the ultimate media server system, for the current tech climate anyway. This guy is running a fully loaded X-Serve set-up with 5.6TB of storage at his disposal. That’s a lot of music and video, so much so that he has split hit storage in half, and the other half stores his security camera footage/ He might be paranoid, but he has spent a lot of time and effort in setting up one of the best media streaming systems you could hope for. Amazingly, this set-up has not cost the Earth, although it has cost quite a bit, and would qualify as affordable for most people who wanted such a set-up. The fact that Macs are used throughout is good, although I’m sure that Windows or Linux PC’s could have done the same.


1. David Pearce - June 23, 2007

I have to say that I agree with the statement that a linux or windows system could have done the same. However, as a windows, linux and a Mac OS X user I have to say that OS X is the most secure and stable operating system I have ever used. Like most people, I cut my teeth on PC based systems. My first system was a windows 95 (After using an Amiga for 8 years), and I learned a great deal going to win ME, a windows 2000 and an XP based system. After trialing Windows Vista for 3 months I can say that the look is great but the functionality is NOT. Its not the mac that’s the hero here but the operating system. BSD UNIX cannot be infected like windows can and that is a fact. The replication of a virus (Virus replicates and destroys whats in it’s way) is almost impossible on a unix based system by its very nature. 114,000 viruses on a pc last year, NOT ONE on a MAC. Therefore I think the reason for this choice is self evident.