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China gives death penalty to food standards boss May 30, 2007

Posted by Al in : politics , trackback

There have been a number of incidents, recently, which have raised doubt over the safety of food and drugs produced inside China. This has resulted in the death of many American pets, and the death of many Chinese people. Now, the former boss of the Chinese Food and Drug Administration has been given the death penalty for accepting bribes, and allowing substandard products to be passed. This is another sign of China finally wanting to play by the rules of the rest of the world, even though the death penalty might seem harsh to some, and of it’s desire to be seen as a safe and reliable world player in the future. I still think the country has a lot of work to do to completely remove corruption, as corruption seems to be a mainstay of all major communist regimes, however the death penalty can be considered a reasonably good warning for other in corruptible positions not to abuse their powers, and their position of trust.


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