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Is America heading for dictatorship? May 5, 2007

Posted by Al in : politics , trackback

If Bush isn’t impeached soon, then I would say “yes” to the above question. Even if he is impeached, there are many others in the lower ranks of government who would probably be behind a dictatorship. Actually, one of the best arguments for a dictatorship is the fact we evolved from apes, who normally live in groups lead by the alpha male. However the notion of evolution may not sit comfortably with some of the people who would be pushing for the USA to be completely controlled by it’s president, rather than by the rest of it’s legislative bodies.

The possibility of the president becoming a dictator was created long ago, when the President’s executive powers were granted. If the President of the USA has a similar role as other state leaders, i.e. he was a leader of a majority party, or coalition, in the elected government, then all would be well. However, it would now take an amendment to the American constitution to remove these powers from the executive branch of the government, this is unlikely to happen. So it won’t be long before a really popular president seizes the reins of government and takes control of the USA.


1. Windflier - May 6, 2007


Put down the pipe and back slowly away from the conspiracy theory articles.

If George Bush truly wanted to be a dictator, he would have already used those same executive powers to suspend habeus corpus and institute martial law by now. He’s had that power since the day he took office, and look —– the secret police are still letting you blog away to your heart’s content.

Don’t buy the hype…..

2. Al - May 6, 2007

But the main point of this article, I fell, is to point out that one person should never have the level of power that the president of the USA has.

If one person has the power to institute the changes you mention, and in doing so create a dictatorship, then surely moves should be made to remove that level of power, and to make sure that more than one person has a chance to vote on whether those changes would be wise. That’s why the US has a Senate and Congress; and that’s why those functions of governement should have the say on how the country is governed, rather than one person who may possibly be “not the brightest”.

The reason I mention Bush above, is because he has been responsible for the loss of thousands of lives in Iraq; has goaded the Muslim right wing into action, and then continued to give them ample propoganda; and is the most unpopular president ever – and yet still people won’t stand up and impeach him. I don’t believe that Bush is as stupid as he pretends to be, but I do believe that he is stupid enough, and at the same time clever enough, to be a danger to the whole Western world.

I would also like to see the Presidential executive powers removed, so that democracy can be allowed to do it’s job.

3. David Pearce - June 23, 2007

HAS ANYONE SEEN STAR WARS REVENGE OF THE SITH. I believe that the president is really Darth Occupationalist and that he has a sith apprentice in Darth BlairLabourist and between then they will bring about the fall of the eu and the UN and become the dominant force in the earth universe.